We are a team of doctors, researchers and engineers dedicated to democratizing clinical intelligence.

We turn your health data into insights that enable you to achieve peak health.

We have spent 20 years at Harvard, MIT, Oxford and Imperial College studying medicine, epidemiology, physiology, neurobiology, computer science and health economics so that you don’t have to in order to understand how to take control of your health.

The team

Jacob Sattelmair MSc DSc

Jacob is a Harvard and Oxford trained public health scientist and technologist. While studying neurobiology and exercise physiology he represented Harvard and Oxford as a competitive rower. He was Director of Research & Strategy at Dossia, one of the world’s first and largest Personal Health Records.

Jacob is passionate about using technology to help people optimize their health.

Trishan Panch MD MPH

Trishan is a UK board certified Primary Care MD, Harvard trained health systems expert and MIT lecturer in health sciences and technology. He is the inaugural recipient of Harvard’s Public Health Innovator of the Year award and voluntary clinical director of Sana Mobile at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Trishan is passionate about marrying technology with a human centric design focus to empower patients to make better decisions.

Archit Bhise

Archit is an MIT trained computer scientist with expertise in data mining, biomedical research and healthcare microsimulations. He was a Visiting Researcher at Microsoft Research’s Emerging Markets group and is founder of Open Health Designs which uses low cost technology to improve access to healthcare. Archit is a freestyle rapper and aspiring political strategist.

Archit is passionate about building technology that fundamentally changes the healthcare technology space.

Vinnie Ramesh

Vinnie is an MIT trained computer scientist with expertise in systems engineering, complex networks and machine learning. He was a researcher at MIT’s Media Lab, Energy Initiative and Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies. Had Minor Planet 24376 Ramesh named after him in recognition of his work on mesh networks. Vinnie is passionate about large datasets, fencing, and mathematics.